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Checklist for success

Checklist for success

Compare the top business processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with how you are currently working.

We’ve created a checklist to make sure you experience all the top features and functionalities available in Business Central.

These are the top 10 steps we recommend you take to ensure you get an overview of all the system has to offer. 

1. Navigation fundamentals   
Start by getting comfortable with the system and understanding how to navigate around. Next it’s worth learning how to adapt views and forms so you can personalize the system. Learn more about navigation.
2. General finance processes  
Learn how to perform basic financial tasks in the system and adapt the Chart of Accounts to your company’s needs. Learn more about the finance processes.
3. Quote to cash  
Managing sales is vital to any business, and Business Central has a strong quote to cash process. See the different features and functionalities that make this process easier for everyone in your organization. Learn more about quote to cash.
4. Procurement to pay  
See the entire process in motion and discover where your organization will have room to grow with advanced features and functionalities. Learn more about the procurement to pay process.
5. Month-end process & Bank reconciliations  
Some things are unavoidable, including closing your accounts each month. Make the process quicker and deliver more insight from your numbers. Find out how you can optimize your current processes with Microsoft Business Central. Learn more about month end processes
6. Out-of-the-box reports  
Check out all the standard reporting capabilities that come with Business Central. From the different reports, to export capabilities to integrations to Microsoft Power BI, see the potential you will have with an integrated system. Learn more about reporting
7. Integration to M365 
See how you can optimize the tools that you already use, including Outlook, Teams and Excel, on a daily basis with your accounting system. Learn more about M365 integrations
8. Inventory  
A fully integrated inventory system has so many advantages, including accurate quantities and costings, not to mention the potential for lower inventory holdings. If this is something you’re looking to manage in the short or medium term, check out how it works in Business Central. Learn more about inventory management.
9. Standard roles, permissions & security   
You’re almost there! Security is critical to any business and data is one of your most important business assets. As you move to the cloud, check out how Business Central adds permissions and security to ensure your data is kept confidential, and that access is configured to those who need it. Learn more about roles and permissions.
10. Make your list  
You’ve moved to a bigger system, and it has lots of features. What’s important to remember is, just because it can do it, you don’t have to do it Day 1.  
Trying to implement too much at first can lead to reduced user adoption and frustrations that you never fully start using the system. Start with what you need, and make a list of what you’d like to achieve next. Check out our advanced features for suggestions on where to go once you’ve mastered the basics. Learn more about advanced features.

Have you got questions? You don’t have to do it alone! 

Access our Support Portal at anytime to learn more about tips, training and other resources that can help you along the process.


How we do it

We believe in starting with the basics and adding on features and functionalities as you need them. For a fixed monthly rate, you will get all the services you need for your implementation to be a success. Have the ability to continue to expand your possibilities with the system once you are comfortable with the system.

See our methodolgy

Why do we do it this way? 

1. Lowers the risk
By only starting with the basics, the team will master the essentials and reduces the time to go-live.
2. Helps with user adoption
Less change management which will allows users to better appreciate and learn about the system.
3. Only implement an accounting system once
By getting Business Central in the early stages of your company, you will have a system that will not limit your growth when you expand for product offering, geography or legal entity.

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